About Us

SC Furniture & Decoration was founded in 2009. During this period, our company, which is manufacturing standard and customized furniture, has been serving our customers with its professional staff. Since our foundation, we have been conducting domestic and international furniture & interior design projects. Our firm clearly understands the importance of product quality and the necessity of obtaining it. SC furniture & decoration is well-known for its principles in the furniture market of Turkey and strictly following it. However, the constant principle of our company has always been the quality, service, and timely delivery so we can continue to serve our customers and add value to their projects. SC Furniture & Decoration will be pleased to serve you with your current or upcoming projects.




There is a style, concept or theme that dominates and stands in every space.
This spirit is first conceived for space, then an ideal project is developed.



It is not about what materials you have used or how much you have spent in your space, the accurate and positive results will come only after the right design with the right materials.



We offer all kinds of solutions for standard and customized production. Our machinery is updated with today’s technology and the team is trained with every updated.